No diagnosis is provided, except with telemedicine, but discussion of the findings with the referring veterinarian is welcomed. A worksheet outlining the technologist’s impressions of the study will be provided if the telemedicine option is not selected.

The referring veterinarian bears the responsibility for any diagnosis reached as a result of the ultrasound study.

A copy of the images is is archived at CVUES for the purpose of complying with CVBC bylaws. ≈
Aspirates are performed under the “indirect supervision” provision of the CVBC Bylaws – Appendix A – Code of Ethics as follows:

68. Members may permit employees or other persons to perform only the following procedures or treatments or other tasks that are comparably similar in nature to any of those listed such that their delegation to a competent person would meet the standard of practice of the profession:

i) under “Indirect Supervision”: radiographic procedures, collect specimens for laboratory analysis,…

“Indirect supervision” means the veterinarian has given either oral or written instruction for the treatment of the animal patient and that the patient has been examined by a veterinarian at such times as competent veterinary medical practice requires, consistent with the particular procedure or treatment.