CVUES is currently expanding into onsite and online education for veterinary techs, assistants, and sonographers.

CVUES Courses

Chris Devlin

  • Ultrasound as an imaging modality has a unique need for specialized training which involves a great deal of hands-on practice. The bulk of this practice should involve scanning normal anatomy with a mentor to direct probe position, image optimization, real-time interpretation of the image on the screen, and techniques for recording the images in a way that is interpretable by another person and reliable in a medico-legal context.
  • The learner should be accountable for developing these skills so that the client/consumer can know if the sonographer is considered competent, has a standard by which to judge if they are getting good value for their dollar, and is assured their pet is getting an accurate diagnosis
  • This training can be geared towards the limited (or point-of-care) studies which are performed by clinic staff and the full diagnostic studies performed by trained sonographers.

CVUES has a mission to produce educational programs that satisfy the above criteria. In doing so, it will expand the variety and availability of quality ultrasound imaging for the veterinarian and consumer.