Chris and Lizzie
Owner/operator Christine Devlin has been a registered diagnostic sonographer since 1986, with credentials in General, Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound from the registry of diagnostic sonographers in Canada: Sonography Canada.

Lizzy and ChrisAfter almost 20 years of working in human hospitals and clinics, she began teaching ultrasound to veterinarians with Sound Technologies, a U.S. distributor for GE Healthcare (Ultrasound). In 2007 she launched her private veterinary ultrasound practice, CVUES, and created the Canadian version of Sound’s education with VetNovations (now Scil). While facilitating continuing education courses and installing countless GE U/S machines in veterinary clinics for Vet Novations across Canada, she has built CVUES into the number one mobile ultrasound service for small animal veterinarians in Greater Victoria and the surrounding communities.

In February of 2012, CVUES was incorporated as C.V.U.E.S. Services Ltd., and is striving to improve the availability and affordability of ultrasound for all pet owners.

In February of 2018, the mobile ultrasound services of CVUES were acquired by VIDI Veterinary Services. CVUES will be directing its efforts towards veterinary ultrasound training programs, as well as assisting VIDI Vet with their workload.