New Booking App!

Posted by on Aug 17, 2017 in News | Comments Off on New Booking App!

In order to accommodate our new staffing model, we are adopting a different online booking app.  I’m hoping it is just as easy as the last one was, but in case you have any issues, please feel free to call for assistance  –  250-889-6813.

This new system has an attached requisition form for you to fill out.  But before you say, “Oh No!” , I will tell you that most of the form is optional, and/or can be filled out after the appointment is made.  The only required info is the stuff you’ve already been giving me i.e. Clinic name, exam type and species/breed, which is the info that helps me decide what equipment to bring into the clinic.

Once you have made your first booking, it will allow you to register a login if you like, which may speed up your booking. Otherwise, there’s no need for a user name and password.

The first line asks for first and last name, which is really just a piece of the app which could not be configured for my workflow.  So, if you want to put your own name, the pet’s name, Greek, or a string of emoticons, it won’t matter to the booking (though it will show up on the confirmation email).

The required email is for the appointment confirmation. A phone number is not required.

The new booking app will be in effect for bookings Aug. 28, 2017 forward.